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It is not a race...

It is an experience

15 november 2020

Ride update:

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What is Ride the Rhenoster?

Once a year, the borders to the Crocodile River Reserve open up for you to take a scenic ride tour ride through the beautiful landscape just 20 minutes from Fourways. Ride the Rhenoster is a one day tour ride through the Crocodile River Reserve and it’s neighboring farms. Riders are able to discover the beauty of the reserve and the many secrets it hides, from the mystery of ladybird castle to the old silver mine, snake through beautiful single trail and quiet district roads and discover the history of Koppie Alleen. 

Riders will be able to follow a predetermined route with multiple feature stops along the way. Each feature stop includes a guide who will share the stories of the land and it’s features with you.

25km and 35 km options

2 route options will take you through all 9 of the feature points, each feature point will have a guide to take you through the journey.

The mystery of ladybird castle

Discover the secrets and the views from this mysterious castle on the hill. Boasting large stone walls, archways, cellars and of course it's name sake, the hundreds of thousands of ladybirds that call the castle home once a year.

The old silver mine

If it is a tale about war you are after or just the thrill of the dark, the old silver mine is just the stop for you. Take a short walk from your bike parking into the cave, where you can delve into its history with the landowner. Remember to keep your head down to avoid the bats...


Feature points on route include…

The Stone Circles | Koppie Alleen | Daisy Farm | Diepsloodt Nature Reserve  | Ladybird Castle | The Old Silver Mine |  Crocodile River Reserve
Feature points
Rider limit

More about the ride

It is not a race, it is a journey. All riders will receive a finishers medal to remember their journey.

Fun for the whole family

Single trail

A little couples therapy

35 km entry fee

R 230
  • 35km
  • Commemorative medal
  • 7 Feature points on route
  • 2 Hydration stations
  • Strava racing segment

25 km entry fee

  • 25km
  • Commemorative medal
  • 6 Feature points on route
  • 2 Hydration stations


Registration and start will be hosted from the same venue, North Hills Farm Nursery off the R511

You can start ride ride anytime you want once you have registered. The times below are to separate registration times for your safety. There will be no on the day sign ups.


The route will start and finish at the exquisite North Hills Farm Nursery just off the R511 on the way to Hartebeespoort. This is just 20 minutes from Fourways.

After your ride, kick back and relax on the lucious well shaded lawns, enjoy a cold beer or light snack from the coffee shop and talk about the old days.

What you need to know about the day of the ride:-

We look forward to seeing you out there for a beautiful ride on Sunday the 15th of November 2020. We have been spoiled with amazing rain over the past few weeks and it is rare to see the reserve greener than it is now, you are in for a tough but beautiful ride.

Please take a brief moment to read through the information below to familiarize yourself with the days activities:-

1. Covid-19 best practice

2. Number collection and times

3. Substitutions and spectators

4. At the venue

5. GPX routes and markings

6. Hydration

7. Route review

8. After the ride


1. Covid-19

The use of face masks is essential at all times in public spaces, you may remove them when you head out onto the route. When you return, you will be required to place your face mask back on. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in prosecution as we seek to protect other participants safety and the longevity of events. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. Spectators are not permitted at this event, we are capped to a predetermined capacity.

2. Number collection and times

The gates to the venue will open at 06:00 am, you may then head over to the number collection desks inside the venue. You will need to sign in to collect your number board, you will not be permitted onto route without a number board. To avoid congestion at number collection, we ask you to adhere to the registration times you selected when you registered. You will be reminded of these by email. Once you have your number, you can head to the start and begin your ride. It is not a timed event, so a rolling start can be done. 

3. Substitutions and spectators

Substitutions are now officially closed, this is one of the many Covid-19 measures we have put into the ride. Please also take note that no spectators are permitted as we are capped to a capacity. 

4. At the venue

The venue is very special and makes for a nice cool place to relax post ride. There will be coffee, soft drinks and several food options available to you from the shop there. You will see the shop at number board collection. Please take note that the venue does not have a liquor license, if your post ride hydration requires it you can bring along your beverage of choice. 

5. GPX routes and markings

The route is marked and GPX routes are available through this link, click here. The route is marked in breadcrumb fashion, this means that all critical corners are marked with signs and there ample tags on trees to guide you. Please follow our directional signage and the blue and white taping. Do not turn off the course unless we instruct you to do so. GPX is king if you are nervous and these can be loaded to most navigation devices. 

6. Hydration

There is one waterpoint on route, under Covid-19 restrictions there will be no cups and your water bottles will need to be topped up for you. Please hand your water bottle to the crew to fill up. It is very hard to get 500l of water to the point it is, can we kindly ask that you do not fill camel packs or waste water as we need to supply all participants. We highly advise that you carry 2 bottles or a hydration pack with you on route. 

7. Route review

We said it was not going to be a race, but more a tour ride with curators at each point of interest. As leisurely as that may sound, there is no hiding from the fact that the terrain is tough and hilly. Please take it easy out there, the climbs are hard work and longer than you think. The descents are fun, but be careful in the dolomite fields, we want you back in one piece. 

Each point of interest on route will have a curator at, please feel free to stop, ask questions and take photos. We encourage you to climb up Koppie Alleen, go into the Silver Mine and take a walk through Ladybird Castle. 

Please take note that the GPX routes can differ by up to 15% depending on the device you use. 

Have a great ride and be safe out there. 

Frequently asked questions:- 

How are we hosting a ride under Covid-19 restrictions?

Self excursions through a nature reserve are fully permitted under level 2 Covid-19 restrictions. There are actually no set start times, you can take to the route through the reserve once you have registered. 

Is this event timed?

No. It is not a race, it is a journey. We will have one strava segment on route for you to race, this will be through the Diepsloodt Nature Reserve. 

Is there social distancing? 

Yes, our numbers are limited to the guidelines provided by Covid-19 level 2 gazette. 

Who can ride? 

Anybody, all ages, eager adventure enthusiasts, families and friends.

Is there secure parking?

Yes, there is guarded parking within the venue at North Hills Farm Nursery, simply follow the directions when you arrive.

Is the route hilly or technical? 

There are a few hills out there to slow you down just enough to take in more of the view. The single trail is not technical.

Can I register on the day? 

Unfortunately not, we are restricting numbers so you will have to register prior to the ride. 

Do you still have a question we can help you with?

Go ahead, don’t be shy, just ask us and we will get back to you.